Summer is the ideal time to pressure wash because of the hot weather, due to summer being drier than spring. You don’t need to worry about the sudden rains of spring, neither the many leaves falling in the fall, and let’s not talk about winter.

Right after spring has passed you can find a few moldy or mossy areas around your house, due to its many rainfalls. Summer gives you a perfect time to simply wash them off thanks to the hot weather which makes cleaning either much easier.

Here are a few more reasons why summer is a great time to call a Gettysburg power washing company:

Removing contaminants off your home or deck preserves them for a longer time:

Cleaning off the bad materials from your deck or home via pressure washing gives it a longer-lasting life because mold, mildew, moss or any other harmful contaminant is removed in the process.

Professional pressure washers can give you an excellent hand when it comes to finding moldy areas and removing them in the process; this also keeps a good quality of your home and increases its value.

A home cleansed for a longer time:

Due to fewer obstructions when cleaning and excellent weather to do so, pressure cleaning your home in summer means your house will stay clean for a longer time. Pollen is also lower during this season, which makes it much easier to clean and also to keep your house looking really nice, while also giving it a healthier environment!

Money and time-efficient:

Taking off the grime, mold and other contaminants off your home or deck can take hours or even days. When its summertime due to the heat, removing contaminants off your walls and wood is easier because as the surface its dryer the contaminants are easier to remove.

Also if those same contaminants stay for longer on your walls, a simple cleaning won’t do the job, but rather a replacement will, so it’s most cost-efficient to do a pressure cleaning now than doing a replacement & maintenance and regretting it later.

In conclusion:

Pressure cleaning your house can take various hours due to the much debris, difficult rains, and a higher pollen rate if it is not done in summer. Summers can be a difficult weather to work in, because of the heat, but it can definitely be much more rewarding and easier, quicker and longer-lasting if it is done on the hot season rather than the others.

You may want a pressure cleaning done on your property after reading this, but maybe you don’t own a machine yourself? I recommend leaving this kind of work to a professional because they can give you a warranty for a well-done job, along with the assurance that they will take off any contaminants off your home or deck’s surfaces.

If you are living in Gettysburg, PA, and its surroundings I recommend Gettysburg Powerwashing Pros, an excellent company working in the city and its surroundings, you can read more about them at

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